Littleton, NC


The inaugural Levitt AMP Littleton Music Series, presented by Lakeland Cultural Arts Center, will be a key component of the rural town’s revitalization efforts to foster local business growth and bring the community together.


The concert series held at the reimagined Lakeland Amphitheater, once a segregated high school that shuttered in the 1970s, will use the power of free, live music as a meaningful tool for healing, inclusion, connection, and community engagement in this town of 560. The first Levitt AMP Littleton Music Series will introduce Lakeland Amphitheater as an inclusive and welcoming place where community connections can thrive through music and cultural experiences.

Presented by Lakeland Cultural Arts Center, a nonprofit created to enrich, educate and entertain the local community, in partnership with Vance Granville Community College.




Lakeland Amphitheater




June 24-August 26, 2023

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