Baton Rouge, LA


The first Levitt AMP Baton Rouge Music Series presented by Scotland Saturdays enhances community-led efforts to revitalize the underused Scotlandville Plaza.


The series inspires the community to celebrate its rich musical heritage and highlight arts and culture in North Baton Rouge, home to more than 227,000 residents. The first Levitt AMP Baton Rouge Music Series is the city’s new gathering place in the heart of this historically Black neighborhood, amplifying community pride, and bringing the state capital’s diverse populations together to celebrate music and culture.

Presented by Scotland Saturdays, a nonprofit dedicated to reinforcing harmony of the arts and community prosperity by creating places where everyone is invited to patronize local business, see the arts and music scene, and socialize, in
partnership with Dexter Jackson.




Scotlandville Plaza

Series Website



May 25 – October 25, 2024

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Series/Booking Inquiries

Janel Washington (for general series information)

Dexter Jackson (for artist booking inquiries)