Our Mission

The Levitt Foundation exists to strengthen the social fabric of America.

We partner with communities to activate underused outdoor spaces, creating welcoming, inclusive destinations where the power of free, live music brings people together and invigorates community life.

Our Vision

An America filled with equitable, healthy, and thriving public spaces, creating community and human connections that extend into daily life.

Our Spend Down


On November 30, 2023, we announced the Levitt Foundation will spend down our assets by 2041—significantly increasing the Foundation’s ability to support free outdoor concerts as a vehicle for positive change in more communities across America.

Equity, Diversity & Inclusion


The Levitt Foundation is committed to equity, diversity and inclusion (EDI) in our organization throughout all aspects of our work, recognizing these values as essential to realizing the Levitt mission. We know there is much to be done to combat injustice, structural racism and oppression, and we believe the arts, especially the power of free, live music in public spaces, can help bridge divides, inspire hope, and strengthen communities. Read our full statement here.

Our core values

Five key principles guide who we are, what we fund, and how we partner with communities.


We believe joy is a universal human right, and that free, live music in outdoor settings has the power to create joyful experiences and connections that celebrate our shared humanity.



We partner with changemakers and nonprofits across sectors to activate underused public spaces, creating vibrant destinations that spark positive impact and advance shared priorities.



Levitt connects people to each other and to where they live, fostering a sense of belonging and community attachment—creating places people love.



We support and nurture inclusive, equitable music ecosystems, so all those involved in bringing music experiences to life reflect the full diversity of our communities.



Our approach to philanthropy is nimble, informed by the evolving needs of our grantees and the communities they serve—creating a dynamic ripple effect of economic opportunity and social impact through music.