Green Bay, WI


The Levitt AMP Green Bay Music Series, presented by On Broadway, Inc., will return to breathe new life into the underused Leicht Memorial Park located on the western banks of the port city’s Fox River.


With plans to build a new permanent stage and pavilion that can offer year-round events while sparking renewed investment in the historic business and residential district, the concert series will create a welcoming community destination for this city of just over 107,000 people. The return of the Levitt AMP Green Bay Music Series will elevate Leicht Memorial Park, delivering stellar performances and culturally diverse experiences for the entire community.

Presented by On Broadway, Inc., a nonprofit that champions the historic Broadway District as the vibrant, engaging business and residential urban center of Northeast Wisconsin by focusing on strategic marketing and staffing, funding and sustainability efforts, event development and coordination of promotions, business and residential recruitment and retention, in partnership with How to Concerts.




Leicht Memorial Park




June 25-August 27, 2023

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