Here’s a little secret about the staff of the Levitt Foundation: we tend to be music fans. Like, big music fans. That’s part of the reason why we spend all our time helping nonprofits in cities and towns across the country bring free, live music to their communities—and that’s just at our day jobs. If you run into any of us in person, we’ll be more than happy to talk your ears off about our newest musical obsessions or rediscovered old favorites, but in the meantime, allow us to present our favorite songs from the past year.

From a double-dose of Beyoncé to dreamy indie pop, uplifting neo-soul, and a stirring, timely Farsi-language song of protest, these were the songs that inspired the Levitt Foundation staff, and kept us moving and smiling throughout 2022. Listen below, or head over to our Spotify channel to heart our Best of 2022 playlist.


Mark Arteaga, Director of Operations

Andrew Barker, Content Writer

Victoria Bridenstine, Director of Programs

Valerie Chan, Communications Fellow

Joanna McCoy, Digital Communications Associate

Nicole McGaffey, Senior Communications Manager

Arianne Ousley, Operations Manager

Rayna Rogers, Operations Associate

Vanessa Silberman, Deputy Director

Sabrina Skacan, Director of Communications

Amber Withers, Program Officer

Sharon Yazowski, Executive Director