Thursday, November 16, 2023
12:30–2:00pm ET | 9:30–11:00am PT

Unleashing the Power of Intergenerational Collaboration

As people are living longer, healthier lives, there are more opportunities for generations to work and live alongside one another than ever before. Each generation has its own unique experiences, perspectives, and values—a particular lens through which they see the world. These differences can sometimes be frustrating, yet they can also be positive and beneficial.

In our collective commitment to foster inclusivity and connection at Levitt concerts across the country, join us for an engaging 90-minute session to learn how to help staff, volunteers, audience members, artists, and community partners of all ages feel understood and valued. Gain a stronger sense of empathy for people across age groups, learn what leads to different generational thought patterns and perspectives, and discover best practices for recruiting volunteers from every generation as well as creating awareness for your concert series among multigenerational audiences. Participants will have the opportunity to share their insights and ask questions.

We invite you to extend this invitation to others in your organization and those engaged in the many aspects of bringing your concert series to life.

This EDI training will help you and your Levitt peers…
  • Develop stronger empathy for colleagues and community members of all ages by learning more about the lens through which they see the world
  • Recognize the factors that lead to differences in each generation’s experiences, perspective, and values
  • Understand and leverage leadership styles and skills from all generations
  • Be equipped to better understand each other, avoid unnecessary conflict or miscommunications, and work more effectively together
  • Discover ways to recruit volunteers of diverse ages and create awareness for Levitt concerts among multigenerational audiences
  • Ensure that Levitt concerts are a diverse and inclusive place for community members of all ages to connect
  • Engage in activities to enhance learning
  • Get questions answered through Q&A opportunities


Please see below for speaker biography.


Shawn Johnson

Shawn Johnson, founder of Strategies for Generational Inclusion, is a passionate speaker, trainer, and consultant. Some of her clients include the Association for Talent Development, Ryder Systems, Inc., Institute for Management Accountants, and Capstone Business Resources. She is a member of the Association of Talent Development and the John Maxwell Team, a Certified DISC Behavioral Analysis Consultant, and has completed courses in Positive Psychology. Shawn has a B.S. in Marketing from the University of Nebraska and spent several decades as a sales and marketing professional in various industries. In 2019, she decided to pivot and pursue her passion for leadership development. She found it easy to connect with “emerging leaders” from younger generations and began to research the ways each generation thinks about leadership. She uses her research and real life experience to help organizations be “generationally inclusive,” which gives them a true competitive advantage. 

Strategies for Generational Inclusion provides workshops that inspire an attitude of curiosity that leads to understanding, mutual respect, and collaboration between people of all ages.