1:30 pm | Insights from the Levitt Network’s Safety & Security Assessment: A Holistic Approach to Risk Mitigation 

Orpheum | Hotel Indigo

Presented by Peter Ashwin, Levitt Safety & Security Consultant, this session will walk you through the results of the Levitt Network Safety, Security & Preparedness Needs Assessment Survey. Highlighting Levitt network risk mitigation needs and gaps revealed through the survey, Peter will speak to the pivotal role of team resilience and preparedness in facing today’s security threats. Peter will lay the foundation for a holistic approach to public safety and security at Levitt venues and concert sites, equipping the Levitt network with tools and best practices for creating a secure and welcoming environment for your Levitt music series.


2:15 pm | Concurrent Breakout Sessions


Passing the Torch: Developing Leadership and Planning for the Future

Belasco | Hotel Indigo

Hear how one Levitt AMP planning committee engages young adults to cultivate new leadership, and brainstorm strategies you can implement to expand and bolster your planning group, avoid burnout, and sustain your music series for years to come.

Facilitated by Victoria Bridenstine, Levitt Foundation


Building a Volunteer Program that Inspires Ownership and Long-term Commitment 

Tivoli | Hotel Indigo

Learn how one Levitt AMP planning committee built a robust volunteer program that has been sustained since 2018 by centering individual interests and abilities, and brainstorm volunteer engagement strategies you can put into action this year!

Facilitated by Nicole McGaffey, Levitt Foundation and Carlin Halsall, Levitt AMP Galva, IL


Sharing Lessons Learned 

Metropolitan | Hotel Indigo

Join us for an open and engaging discussion on concert series triumphs and challenges, exploring the valuable lessons that inform our approach, practices, and pivots. Discover and share what has worked and hasn’t worked in a space to listen, learn, and be inspired by your Levitt peers.

Facilitated by Amber Withers, Ph.D., Levitt Foundation and Dagmar Koss, Levitt Foundation


Gaining Fluency in Creative Placemaking Messaging 

Globe | Hotel Indigo

Seeking to better understand creative placemaking and become more fluent in communicating its value? Learn how to message the impact of your concert series through the lens of creative placemaking, generating excitement and inspiration for support and community engagement.

Presented by Chris Dzialo, Levitt Foundation and Vanessa Silberman, Levitt Foundation