On November 30, 2023, in concert with the Levitt Foundation’s announcement of its $150 million spend down, the Los Angeles Times published a feature covering this milestone. Reporter Kenan Draughorne spoke with Levitt Foundation Board President, Liz Levitt Hirsch; Levitt Foundation CEO, Sharon Yazowski; and Levitt Pavilion Dayton Executive Director, Lisa Wagner, to share the exclusive announcement in the print and digital Los Angeles Times issues:

Eager to make an immediate impact, the foundation came to a conclusion: after more than 50 years of service, it will shut down operations in 2041. Over the next 18 years, the Levitt Foundation will spend down its remaining $150 million in assets, increasing the number of sites it can launch each year while also creating proof of concept for future organizations to continue its work.

Read the full article here: “Levitt Foundation to spend down $150 million as it prepares to close (in 18 years),” Los Angeles Times