Levitt AMP Waco and their neighbors in Bridge Street Plaza—known as Waco’s “front porch”—were featured in Wacoan Magazine. This in-depth article by writer Susan Bean Aycock chronicled recent arts and cultural developments in the historically Black neighborhood of East Waco, including the debut of free Saturday night concerts in this vibrant Texas community:

“I love that the vision of community members, plus resources from the city, have combined to create this beautiful space that will bring people together, make new shared memories and shine a national spotlight on the past, present and future of East Waco’s musical brilliance.” —Fiona Bond, Executive Director of Levitt AMP Waco grantee-partner Creative Waco.

“The Levitt Foundation has provided a catalyzing framework for performers to grow first in their communities and has a track record of producing Grammy-recognized artists…We want to ensure that the community has input on what kind of performers they want to see. Every performer in the lineup was submitted by the community.” —Eric Linares, Project Manager at Creative Waco and Program Director for the Levitt AMP Waco music series.

Read the full article here: “Building Bridges,” Wacoan Magazine