Music Cities Events recently sat down with Sharon Yazowski, Levitt Foundation CEO, for a wide-ranging and fascinating profile, covering everything from Sharon’s career journey to what a normal day looks like in the office to insights on music ecosystems and creative placemaking—including how Levitt effects change in communities.  In Sharon’s words:

“Programs like Levitt that bring people together and create multiple opportunities for social connection are needed now more than ever to address one of society’s greatest ills, which is the sharp rise in social isolation. As the United States Surgeon General Dr. Vivek Murthy has been emphasizing, social isolation is having grave consequences on our individual mental and physical health, as well as our overall collective well-being. Data supports that the more people engage in their community, get to know their neighbors and cross paths with those they typically wouldn’t otherwise—the more we see, hear, and connect with one another—we have higher levels of community trust, which leads to increased public safety, greater economic vitality, and better health outcomes.

In connecting these dots, we are continuing to make the case and accelerate a movement that recognizes the importance of free concerts in public spaces as a critical element to building more equitable, healthy, and thriving communities. Highlighting the dynamic ripple effect, we are focused on elevating visibility for the story of why free concerts in public spaces matter, for the field and other sectors to leverage in their efforts to advance this work.”

Read the full profile on the Music Cities Events website here!