When it comes to music, the Levitt Foundation team has capital-T taste. This might not come as a surprise, given that our whole raison d’etre is building community through the power of free, live concerts. So it makes sense that if you were to swing by the Levitt offices any given weekday, you’d probably find many of our staff at our desks with our headphones or speakers on, feet tapping away to the jams that keep us focused as we partner with communities to strengthen the social fabric of America. (It also tracks that, “So what kind of music do you listen to?” is the Levitt equivalent of, “What’s your astrological sign?”)

To answer our own question: We vibe to everything. Much like the free programming you can find on any of the 40+ Levitt stages throughout the country, our listening behaviors are best described as colorful, diverse, genre-agnostic, and multicultural. Afrorave and Afro-fusion? Let’s party. Latin indie? Sí, por favor. Funk, dance, and house? Our backs are off the wall. Alt pop? Slay less. Singer-songwriter? We love a good cry.

Indeed, no matter the genre, spoken language, or artist, our team is always down to discover new sounds. And with the year ending, we wanted to share the fresh music releases that carried our staffers through 2023. Listen to our favorites below, or head over to Spotify to add our Best of 2023 playlist to your library.

Mark Arteaga, Vice President of Operations

Victoria Bridenstine, Vice President of Programs

Chris Dzialo, Associate Vice President of Communications

Kimberly James, Senior Programs Manager

Dagmar Koss, Programs Associate

Ryan Locante, Database Administrator

Joanna McCoy, Digital Communications Associate

Arianne Ousley, Operations & Special Events Manager

Rayna Rogers, Operations Associate

Nicole Saint McGaffey, Art Director

Vanessa Silberman, Executive Vice President

Carly Swanson, Communications Fellow

Sydney Nicole Sweeney, Content Writer

Amber Withers, Programs Officer

Sharon Yazowski, CEO