Music is at the core of who we are and the work we do at the Levitt Foundation. Looking back on another challenging year, music was a source of comfort and joy as we moved and grooved to the beats and rhythms of 2021, whether we gathered in person to once again enjoy live concerts or played tunes at home to brighten our moods. Featuring a selection from each member of the Levitt Foundation team, our 2021 Staff Picks playlist features songs spanning the musical soundscape. From upbeat music that got us dancing to lyrics that sparked reflection, we hope you’ll find your own favorites within our playlist or discover a few new tunes that you’ll add to yours. Head over to Spotify to listen now or read below to find of our music mix—Enjoy!

Victoria Bridenstine, Director of Programs

Lauren Chung, Programs Associate

Nicole McGaffey, Senior Communications Manager

Arianne Ousley, Operations Manager

Ellinor Rundhovde, Digital Communications

Vanessa Silberman, Deputy Director

Sabrina Skacan, Director of Communications

Heidi Snyder, Director of Operations

Amber Withers, Program Officer

Sharon Yazowski, Executive Director

Here’s the full playlist: