1:30 pm | Breakout Group Discussions

Metropolitan | Hotel Indigo

Join Friends of Levitt board members, executive directors, and staff from Levitt venues across the country to discuss relevant topics in small groups, from programming, marketing and outreach to fundraising, operations and sustainability strategies. Explore challenges and share successes and lessons learned to deepen impact, while connecting with your Levitt peers.


2:15 pm | Insights from the Levitt Network’s Safety & Security Assessment: A Holistic Approach to Risk Mitigation

Orpheum | Hotel Indigo

Presented by Peter Ashwin, Levitt Safety & Security Consultant, this session will walk you through the results of the Levitt Network Safety, Security & Preparedness Needs Assessment Survey. Highlighting Levitt network risk mitigation needs and gaps revealed through the survey, Peter will speak to the pivotal role of team resilience and preparedness in facing today’s security threats. Peter will lay the foundation for a holistic approach to public safety and security at Levitt venues and concert sites, equipping the Levitt network with tools and best practices for creating a secure and welcoming environment for your Levitt music series.