Can’t wait to get back onto a Levitt lawn? We can’t either…the countdown is on! Starting in 2023, you’ll have even more reasons to get up and let the music move you.

The Levitt Foundation, a social impact funder supporting nonprofits nationwide at the intersection of music, public space, and community building, is thrilled to announce the largest number of grant recipients in our history, providing 33 communities with a multi-year $90K Levitt AMP [Your City] Grant Award. In total, the Levitt Foundation will award $3 million dollars over three years, supporting 18 returning and 15 new grantees to bring the Levitt AMP Music Series to their communities in 2023, 2024, and 2025. The Levitt AMP Grant Awards are specifically designed to support nonprofits serving small to mid-sized towns and cities, with each grantee annually presenting 10 free outdoor concerts featuring a diverse lineup of artists, music genres, and cultural programming. Levitt AMP Music Series inject new life into underused public spaces, creating joyous, inclusive community destinations where people of all ages and backgrounds come together.

Expanding the Levitt family of concert sites

From rural Alaska to Appalachian Main Streets and Midwestern locales, the Levitt AMP Music Series is a catalytic, matching grant opportunity engaging a wide range of towns and cities across America to realize a shared mission—building community through music to create a more equitable, healthy, and thriving future for all. In addition to financial support, the Levitt Foundation provides grant recipients with valuable resources including best practices, program frameworks, toolkits, and trainings to deepen impact in their communities. For this new grant cycle, the Levitt AMP program was expanded from an annual matching grant of $25K into a three-year matching grant of $30K per year, for a total grant award of $90K per recipient. Each of the 2023–2025 recipients represent the three goals of the Levitt AMP Grant Awards: Amplify community pride and a city’s unique character; enrich lives through the power of free, live Music; and illustrate the importance of inclusive and vibrant public Places.

“The Levitt Foundation envisions an America filled with thriving public spaces, where the power of free, live music brings friends, families, and neighbors of all backgrounds together for a shared community experience. In addition to extending the grant to three years, we are thrilled to expand the number of Levitt AMP grantees, our largest yet, whose compelling proposals, community support, and nonprofit work align with our cores values to support programs that are inclusive, dynamic, and create connectedness and joy,” says Sharon Yazowski, Executive Director of the Levitt Foundation.

Meet the 2023–2025 Levitt AMP grantees

The 2023–2025 Levitt AMP grant recipients include communities that have been historically excluded and/or underrepresented and reflect a microcosm of the nation, ranging from small towns with populations of less than 1,000 like Littleton, North Carolina, to medium-sized cities like Fort Pierce, Florida. Below is the full list of Levitt AMP [Your City] Grant Awards recipients (in alphabetical order/*Returning Levitt AMP grantee):

Batesville, Arkansas (population: 11,166)
Main Street Batesville will present the first Levitt AMP Batesville Music Series in Riverside Park on the banks of the picturesque White River, creating joyous, inclusive opportunities to bring its increasingly diverse population together through live music. The music series is seen as a catalyst to help move the 200 year-old city forward economically and culturally.

Baton Rouge, Louisiana (population: 222,185)
The first Levitt AMP Baton Rouge Music Series presented by Scotland Saturdays will enhance community-led efforts to revitalize the underused Scotlandville Plaza as a central gathering place in the heart of a historically Black neighborhood. The upcoming series will inspire the community to celebrate its rich musical heritage and highlight arts and culture in North Baton Rouge.

Berea, Kentucky (population: 15,773)*
Since 2017, the Levitt AMP Berea Music Series, presented by First Friday Berea, has infused new life and energy into the city’s City Park Expansion through multi-layered and inclusive arts experiences. The 2023 series will continue to spark further investment in the area, positioning Old Town to be a family-friendly destination for art, food, and community gatherings.

Carson City, Nevada (population: 55,244)*
Since 2016, the Levitt AMP Carson City Music Series, presented by the Brewery Arts Center, has fostered an exciting chapter of growth and community engagement for the arts hub and surrounding historic downtown area of Nevada’s state capital. The upcoming series will further solidify the Brewery Arts Center’s role in building community cohesion and local pride during the Levitt AMP Music Series and beyond.

Clinton, Oklahoma (population: 8,380)
Scissortail Productions will present its first Levitt AMP Clinton Music Series at the historic WPA-era bandshell in McClain-Rogers Park, rejuvenating the city’s history as the nucleus of arts and culture in Western Oklahoma. The music series will foster a family-friendly and diverse environment that will enhance community connections while driving cultural tourism and economic revitalization to this Route 66 town.

Colusa, California (population: 6,428)
The first Levitt AMP Colusa Music Series, presented by the Colusa County Arts Council at Veterans Memorial Park, marks the next chapter in the agricultural city’s efforts to amplify community pride in a region hit by wildfires and drought. The Levitt AMP Colusa Music Series will elevate and expand an existing concert series, bringing people together from throughout the area to enjoy music and inspire economic development in the downtown business district.

Allegany Arts Council will showcase the scenic Festival Grounds at Canal Place during their first Levitt AMP Cumberland Music Series.

Cumberland, Maryland (population: 18,736)
Located in a corner of Appalachia bridging Maryland and West Virginia, the underused yet scenic Festival Grounds at Canal Place will be given new life as the Allegany Arts Council presents its first Levitt AMP Cumberland Music Series. The music series will bring together residents from various neighborhoods through the power of free, live music while generating foot traffic for local attractions and the historic city center.

Earlham, Iowa (population: 1,382)*
Since 2019, the Levitt AMP Earlham Music Series, presented by Chicks with Checks, has been fueling a community-driven effort to create a vibrant, music-filled destination in rural Iowa. Next year’s summer series will continue fostering inclusivity and connectedness in Earlham and throughout the surrounding areas, located a short distance from the state’s capital, Des Moines.

Flint, Michigan (population: 80,628)
The first Levitt AMP Flint Music Series, presented by Jazz on Wheels, will continue to build on the “musical infrastructure” locals have built, using music as a conduit for positive change in a city that has faced challenges. The concert series will transform the lawn outside Totem Books into an activated green space that brings diverse audiences together for entertainment and social connection.

Fort Pierce, Florida (population: 47,927)
Situated on Florida’s “Treasure Coast,” Fort Pierce’s Museum Pointe Park will become a vibrant gathering place for all residents to experience the inaugural Levitt AMP Fort Pierce Music Series presented by St. Lucie Cultural Alliance. The concert series will include multi-layered and inclusive arts experiences while contributing to the economic vitality of St. Lucie County.

Fort Smith, Arkansas (population: 87,788)*
Since 2021, the Levitt AMP Fort Smith Music Series, presented by 64.6 Downtown, has been breathing new life into an outdoor amphitheater in the heart of this former frontier town. While bringing attention to a beautiful, underused public space, next year’s series will continue to use free, live music as a vehicle to strengthen the social and economic fabric of this former manufacturing hub.

The community comes together at Levitt AMP Fort Smith’s Riverfront Park.

Gallup, New Mexico (population: 21,637)*
Since 2021, the Levitt AMP Gallup Music Series, presented by the Gallup MainStreet Arts & Cultural District, has celebrated the city’s large Native community while fostering civic pride and reinvigorating the local arts scene. Next summer, Gallup MainStreet will build upon community efforts to nurture a positive and inclusive community identity while fostering civic pride.

Galva, Illinois (population: 2,539)*
Since 2018, the Levitt AMP Galva Music Series, presented by the Galva Arts Council, has inspired community-driven investment in the rural town’s local creative economy, transforming Wiley Park from an underused green space into a dynamic hub complete with a permanent stage for connectedness and self-expression. Next year’s series will continue to inspire local collaborations that go beyond the music series.

Green Bay, Wisconsin (population: 107,015)
The Levitt AMP Green Bay Music Series, presented by On Broadway, Inc., will return to breathe new life into the underused Leicht Memorial Park located on the western banks of the port city’s Fox River. With plans to build a new permanent stage and pavilion that can offer year-round events while sparking renewed investment in the historic business and residential district, the concert series will create a welcoming community destination for all.

Hana, Hawaii  (population: 1,584)
Located along the world-famous Road to Hana, the grass lot below Hana Ranch Restaurant will feature the sounds of free, live music as Hana Arts presents the first Levitt AMP Hana Music Series, bringing residents and tourists together as one Ohana. The live music series will complement the weekly Farmer’s Market, generating renewed economic interest in locally-made goods while creating positive experiences and facilitating resilience among a community rich in Hawaiian culture.

Harrisonburg, Virginia (population: 51,430)
Harrisonburg Downtown Renaissance will present the first Levitt AMP Harrisonburg Music Series at Turner Pavilion, fulfilling an overwhelming local desire to activate the public space with intentional programming for residents of the “Friendly City.” Just on the cusp of their downtown’s economic redevelopment efforts, the upcoming music series will highlight the cultural diversity of this Refugee Resettlement Community with events that are welcoming, inclusive, and family friendly.

The first Levitt AMP Littleton Music Series, presented by Lakeland Cultural Arts Center, will help inaugurate the new Lakeland Amphitheater.

Littleton, North Carolina (population: 560)
The inaugural Levitt AMP Littleton Music Series, presented by Lakeland Cultural Arts Center, will be a key component of the rural town’s revitalization efforts to foster local business growth and bring the community together. The concert series held at the reimagined Lakeland Amphitheater, once a segregated high school that shuttered in the 1970s, will use the power of free, live music as a meaningful tool for healing, inclusion, connection, and community engagement.

Middlesboro, Kentucky (population: 9,242)*
Since 2015, the Levitt AMP Middlesboro Music Series, presented by Middlesboro Main Street, has transformed a once vacant gravel lot into a vibrant gathering space and regional music destination in the heart of the Appalachia. The upcoming season will build upon this momentum, augmenting the community-driven revival of Middlesboro’s downtown, positioning the series for a wider impact through robust partnerships with local and regional nonprofits.

Ocala, Florida (population: 60,021)*
Since 2017, the Levitt AMP Ocala Music Series, presented by the Marion Cultural Alliance, has inspired an exciting new chapter for the historic Webb Field, a once-forgotten green space that has now become a vital part of West Ocala’s cultural and economic development. The 2023 series will continue to deepen local partnerships to create inclusive multi-layered arts experiences that amplify ‘One Ocala’.

Selma, Alabama (population: 17,625)
Black Belt Community Foundation will present the first Levitt AMP Selma Music Series in the city’s
Riverfront Park and Amphitheater, a rarely used public outdoor venue which rests on the banks of the Alabama River and overlooks the Historic Edmund Pettus Bridge, a transformative site during the Civil Rights Movement. The concert series will cultivate culturally-inclusive arts opportunities and further efforts to bring people from all backgrounds together through live music.

Sheboygan, Wisconsin (population: 48,153)*
Since 2015, the Levitt AMP Sheboygan Music Series has sparked myriad ripple effects in this Wisconsin town, including the creation of City Green public space, an outdoor permanent stage, mixed-use residential housing, and new citywide cultural events. Presented by the John Michael Kohler Arts Center, the upcoming season will continue fostering opportunities for creative exchanges between artists and the public, while creating a stronger, more connected community.

Shenandoah Junction, West Virginia (population: 621)*
Since 2021, Levitt AMP Shenandoah Junction Music Series, presented by Jefferson County Parks and Recreation, has elevated and expanded Sam Michael’s Park’s existing concert series, bringing together people from surrounding rural communities to enjoy stellar music in the lush 130-acre park. The returning series in 2023 will help the previously underused amphitheater, aka “the AMP,” realize its potential as a welcoming music-filled destination for local residents.

Soldotna, Alaska (population: 4,705)*
Since 2019, the Levitt AMP Soldotna Music Series, presented by Vision Soldotna, has enlivened Soldotna Creek Park along the banks of the famed Kenai River, celebrating the community-driven effort that transformed a once contaminated maintenance yard into a vibrant gathering space for people of all ages and backgrounds. In 2023, the Levitt AMP Music Series will continue to honor the rich heritage of Soldotna’s diverse communities, including Alaska Natives.

Levitt AMP Springfield brings energy, music, and community together at the Y Block.

Springfield, Illinois (population: 167,601)*
Since 2019, the Levitt AMP Springfield Music Series, presented by the Downtown Springfield Heritage Foundation, has ushered in a lively new era for the state capital’s historic downtown, transforming the formerly vacant “Y-block” into a community destination. The Levitt AMP grant will continue to unify the city by gathering residents from all walks of life to enjoy free, live music and build a shared vision for this long-dormant public space.

St. Johnsbury, Vermont (population: 5,815)*
Since 2017, the Levitt AMP St. Johnsbury Music Series, presented by Catamount Arts, has become a cornerstone of the summer recreation and community building efforts in this scenic rural community in Vermont’s Northeast Kingdom. The 2023 music series will continue to energize the town’s lush, 150-acre Dog Mountain, bringing opportunities to deepen relationships with residents, artists, and downtown businesses, and continue building a thriving local economy.

Stevens Point, Wisconsin (population: 26,144)*
Since 2017, the Levitt AMP Stevens Point Music Series, presented by CREATE Portage County, has re-framed the story of small-town Midwestern living by elevating the local creative economy. Making the picturesque Pfiffner Pioneer Park its home, the upcoming music series will continue to shape the future of the city’s downtown and riverfront while fostering a stronger and more connected community, inspiring meaningful shared arts experiences in downtown Stevens Point.

Trenton, New Jersey (population: 83,387)*
Since 2015, the Levitt AMP Trenton Music Series, presented by the Trenton Downtown Association, has infused downtown Trenton with diverse music inspiring residents of all ages and backgrounds to gather in Mill Hill Park to enjoy multilayered arts experiences in the heart of the historic capital city. The 2023 series will build upon past efforts to nurture the creative economy of this former industrial hub, celebrating the past, while creating a vibrant new future.

Utica, New York (population: 59,984)*
Since 2016, Utica Monday Nite has presented the Levitt AMP Utica Music Series, positioning the city’s cultural assets at the center of its community-building efforts. Creating a safe and welcoming gathering place for the scenic Rust Belt city’s long-time residents and diverse refugee communities, the 2023 series will continue to build a stronger, more unified community, while inspiring investments in Oneida Square’s Kopernik Park and the surrounding neighborhoods.

Valdosta, Georgia (population: 55,567)
Destined to serve as a central gathering place that celebrates the arts and the diversity of its community, The Annette Howell Turner Center for the Arts will present the first Levitt AMP Valdosta Music Series at Turner Center Art Park and provide inclusive arts opportunities for all ages and backgrounds. The upcoming music series will enhance overall quality of life while supporting the sustainability of this South Georgia community, home to Moody Air Force Base and Valdosta State University.

The Levitt AMP Waco Music Series, presented by Creative Waco, will inaugurate the city’s new “Front Porch”—Bridge Street Plaza.

Waco, Texas (population: 139,594)
The Levitt AMP Waco Music Series, presented by Creative Waco, will inaugurate the city’s new “Front Porch”—Bridge Street Plaza—that connects the commercial district of downtown Waco to the culturally-rich but formerly disinvested Elm Avenue corridor, which was a major stop on the Chitlin Circuit for Black entertainers during segregation. The music series will advance historic pride and future aspirations of a region poised for revitalization while promoting an equitable and thriving cultural community for all residents.

Whitesburg, Kentucky (population: 2,215)*
Since 2017, the Levitt AMP Whitesburg Music Series has sparked new energy and engagement with local shops, restaurants, art galleries, and the city’s farmers market, creating a thriving gathering place where community members come together through a shared affinity for live music. Presented by the Cowan Community Center, the upcoming series will bring a wide range of world-class talent to this rural Appalachian town and foster connections for a stronger and healthier community.

Wilmington, Delaware (population: 70,750)
Cityfest will present the inaugural Levitt AMP Wilmington Music Series at The Urban Artist Exchange Amphitheater, a key element in the city’s holistic re-imagining of a long-abandoned area into a thriving arts center. Located in Wilmington’s East Side, a predominantly African American neighborhood, the music series will invest in the artistic equity of the city, helping to reshape the community’s identity, stimulate civic engagement, and inspire economic growth through the power of free, live music.

Woonsocket, Rhode Island (population: 41,616)*
Since 2018, the Levitt AMP Woonsocket Music Series, presented by NeighborWorks Blackstone River Valley, has ushered in a new chapter for River Island Art Park in the heart of the city, inspiring catalytic cultural, social, and economic growth. The fifth season will continue to spark renewed life for the once underused green space, new collaborations with neighborhood groups, and inspire new businesses.

The Levitt Foundation invests in community-driven efforts that harness the power of partnerships and leverage community engagement. Levitt venue nonprofits and AMP grantees partner with other local nonprofits and community groups to inform programming, outreach, and engagement, embodying the Foundation’s funding philosophy and core values to support projects that are inclusive, catalytic, and dynamic, and create connectedness and joy.

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