Session Description

Created by Archbright, Engaging in Difficult Conversations in the Workplace was an engaging 90-minute virtual workshop designed to build consciousness and impart strategies on how to navigate challenging situations when discussing complex matters. Along with EDI-related topics, the session focused on navigating the nuances of day-to-day conversations in the workplace and in your community.


Participant Guide (PDF)



Jenna Shellman

Jenna Shellman (she/her), is the Senior IDEAL (inclusion, diversity, equity, accessibility, and leadership) Consultant at Archbright and the main facilitator for Engaging in Difficult Conversations. Jenna has over 15 years of experience in the workplace, with a master’s degree in Education and Bachelor of Science in Psychology. Her background prior to becoming  a DEI Specialist is in education, recruiting, sales, and corporate management. Jenna is passionate about DEI work because she wants to be a voice for those who are often underrepresented and a coach for those who are ready to learn, engage, and transform. Jenna’s vision is to help organizations create workplace environments that are inclusive and equitable of all social identity groups. Her approach to DEI is to lead with compassion, build perspective, focus on progress over perfection, and support transformation.