Session Description

This virtual workshop provided insights about how to engage with the unhoused population in your area while bringing outdoor concerts to life. Topics included community care, harm reduction and overdose prevention, de-escalation strategies, and more.



Inclusive Engagement Workbook – Part I (PDF)



Rene Jemio

Rene Jemio is a seasoned homeless services professional whose career began in grassroots organizing with migrant day laborers and household workers in Los Angeles. Later, he worked in sales management where he gained a wealth of experience in strategic planning, relationship building, and leading teams. Post-Covid, he returned to nonprofit work, leading teams within a navigation center, tiny homes village, transitional aged youth shelter, and Project Homekey 2.0 for families. Rene thrives in environments that demand adaptability, creativity, and a steadfast dedication to serving others. As he continues to evolve professionally, Rene remains driven by the belief that empathy, innovation, and hard work can create positive change and brighter futures for all.