Since 2014, the Levitt National Tour has spotlighted extraordinary musical artists who reflect our country’s diverse cultural mosaic. A collaborative programming effort that celebrates the collective impact of Levitt music venues, the 2023 Tour featured GRAMMY-winning, Los Angeles-based band La Santa Cecilia as the headliner and was a joyous reflection of the Levitt network’s commitment to building community through free, live music.  

Fusing cumbia, rock, bolero, tango, ranchera, and bossa nova, La Santa Cecilia stopped at five Levitt venues, sparking a sense of togetherness amongst audiences of all ages and backgrounds as they grooved, connected, and vibed with friends, family, and neighbors on Levitt lawns. From coast to coast, La Santa Cecilia ignited the stage with their animated presence, having performed at Levitt venues in Arlington, Texas; Denver; Sioux Falls, South Dakota; Los Angeles; and Bethlehem, Pennsylvania. 

Each show under the stars was an energized and memorable experience for local audiences. “Our venue is located on the South Side of Bethlehem, and a large portion of that neighborhood includes Latinx residents and families,” shared Levitt Pavilion SteelStacks Executive Director Shayna Super. “For the Levitt National Tour to feature Latinx musicians who blend traditional aspects of the culture with contemporary influences was special for the community. La Santa Cecilia brought so much joy and a renewed sense of inclusivity to Bethlehem and on the Levitt lawn.”  

At Levitt Pavilion Denver, located in the city’s Ruby Hill Park neighborhood, which also has a sizable Latinx population, the show was enthusiastically embraced. “La Santa Cecilia is known and loved here, and the Levitt National Tour allowed our community to experience them for free even as their profile has grown in recent years,” said Levitt Denver Executive Director Meghan McNamara. “We had a particularly strong turnout from our neighbors in Ruby Hill, even with cooler weather, and the audience stayed warm by filling the dance floor the entire night!” 

Also remarkable was La Santa Cecilia’s return to their stomping grounds on the West Coast as they jammed out for yet another full lawn during their performance at Levitt Pavilion Los Angeles, located in the city’s historic MacArthur Park—where they’d played nearly a decade earlier, reflected Levitt LA Executive Director Allegra Padilla. 

“Back in 2015, La Santa Cecilia packed the lawn, and this time was no exception given their growth and evolution over the years—they are very active contributors to the cultural fabric of our region,” Padilla said of the band, whose members found their musical footings on the cobblestone of the famed Olvera Street in Downtown Los Angeles. For the special concert, Levitt LA partnered with local institutions and organizations, like the Los Angeles County Museum of Art and the Coalition for Humane Immigrant Rights Los Angeles, the latter of which advocates for immigrant inclusion—a cause La Santa Cecilia has long supported.  

“People of all walks of life danced the night away that evening, and there was an electric energy on the lawn reminding us all of the power of music to uplift our spirits and build bridges of connection,” Padilla said.  

Where there was dancing, there was also singing (and hugging). Enter the impromptu post-concert jam that bloomed on opening night of the Tour on the Levitt Pavilion Arlington lawn—a moment fondly remembered by Levitt Arlington Communications and Development Director Angela Peña. 

“Fans were waiting around for the band after the concert ended, and I naturally assumed La Santa Cecilia would sign some autographs and leave because they were tired,” she explained. “The opposite happened! After performing a high-energy concert, they basically did an impromptu intimate jam session with their fans. People were hugging and swaying in a circle around Marisol, the lead singer, and everyone was taking turns singing…It was truly a magical moment.” 

Experience the magic of the 2023 Levitt National Tour for yourself in this new recap video! And stay tuned, as we’ll be announcing the artist for the 2024 Levitt National Tour this spring.