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As a society, our understanding of race and racism operates primarily on an interpersonal level. However, organizations committed to racial equity must have a more complex understanding of the ways that racism manifests at multiple levels from the individual to the societal, and thrives in systems, practices, policies and beliefs within and outside of their organizations.


Session Presentation (PDF)

Housing Segregation and Redlining in America (NPR’s “Code Switch”)

Lens of Systemic Oppression

Lens of Systemic Oppression (PDF)

Americas Enduring Caste System (PDF)



Jonny Altrogge

Jonny Altrogge is a Facilitator/Consultant with True North EDI, a Black-owned consulting and professional development firm that operates within the diversity, equity and inclusion space. While continuing his own learning, Altrogge offers facilitation, educator training and DEI coaching to support others on their journey towards understanding what justice, equity, diversity and inclusion mean in our ever-evolving world and communities. He believes that organizational advancement and achievement begins with understanding one’s self and finding ways in which we can grow as individuals. As an outdoor professional, Altrogge advocates for greater diversity in the outdoor industry and accurate representation of POC in the outdoors in order to positively influence and encourage youth of color.