Session Description

What does it mean to practice equity and to be anti-racist? This session unpacked the complexity of white supremacy and white privilege in the United States. We discussed how these dynamics can show up in ourselves and in our work, and what we can do to build a concert series that is more inclusive of our communities.


Session Presentation (PDF)

Equity in Center Awake-Woke-Work 2019 (PDF)

Awake Woke Work Webinar Slides (PDF)

White Supremacy Culture — Tema Okun (PDF)

Land Acknowledgement Toolkit – (recording) The California Indian Culture and Sovereignty Center and Palomar College American Indian Studies Department

Additional EDI Resources (PDF)




Christine Margiotta

Christine Margiotta is passionate about channeling our collective power to create enduring justice and community. As Executive Director of Social Venture Partners Los Angeles, she brings together nonprofit, community, and foundation leaders to fuel systemic transformation, facilitating mutual learning, deep connection, and synergistic collaboration. Christine launched SVP’s Systems Change Accelerator to bolster early-stage social justice initiatives and Anti-Racism for White People to support leaders in championing racial justice.